Post Office Pies

Sometimes pizza is the answer… ha! Who am I kidding? Pizza is always the answer!

On this Sunday evening, after a slow day in the store, my friend and I decided we NEEDED the all-american, potentially life-threatening combination of beer and pizza. One of the fun things about living in Birmingham is always having the option to enjoy locally brewed beer. (Off the radar, I’m a nutrition fanatic that loves a good beer.. sue me). The restaurant and brewing worlds do a great job of joining forces and making it nearly impossible to stick to our miserable, low-calorie diets.

So today, my friend Beomjy and I went all out. We ordered a 14 inch margarita pizza, that was baked in a real life brick oven (yes those do still exist). You know that crisp, almost burnt taste with a dust of leftover flour from when the chef rolled the dough?… yeah that. That’s just the pizza dough. Once your teeth sink into the dough and your palate reaches the good stuff, it’s a whole new ballgame. The mozzarella cheese, the baby tomatoes, the basil leaves straight from the herb garden outside… I think I might be in Italy right now! To top of this mouth watering pizza experience, add Avondale Brewery’s Peach Saison to the mix. It’s the perfect summer brew for a girl and her pizza. Mmmm what a sunday. Good food, good beer and great company.

Much to my surprise, Post Office Pies in located right next door to Avondale Brewery, right outside of downtown Birmingham. It provides a laid back environment with large tables for a family-style dining experience. With the daily specials graffiti’d on the chalkboard walls, bistro lights hung for a cozier atmosphere and post cards sporadically placed, Post Office Pies won my heart and my tummy!

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Fat Tuesday

I know it’s Wednesday, but I wanted to take a second to spotlight my dinner last night. I had one of the best American splurge meals of all time. Pizza. GLUTEN FREE PIZZA! {crowd cheering}

I’ve tasted several gluten free pizzas in my day, but boy is this one spot-on! The crust is thin, due to the Tapioca Flour that is used in place of the Wheat Flour, but the perfect texture. It’s seasoned with Olive Oil and topped with Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and, in this case, pepperoni!  

It’s worth the splurge if you ask me. Image