Picture Perfect Pancakes

I’ve only tried a few gluten free pancakes so far, and the ones I have tried, well, I could live without. This morning I woke up feeling the urge to use the gluten free flour I was given by the family I babysit for. I got on Pinterest {the best search engine ever} and searched for recipes that use gluten free flour. Come to find out, there are SO MANY different kinds of gluten free flours: coconut, almond, tapioca, brown rice.. etc. This list goes on and on. Maybe one of these days I’ll dive in and find out what exactly sets them all apart! Today, I used a recipe that had a pumpkin and cinnamon twist! Mmmm, these would be perfect for the Fall.

Here’s the link to this incredible recipe:

http://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/2013/11/pumpkin-coconut-flour-pancakes-low-carb-and-gluten-free.html }

I made a couple of changes:

Brown Rice Flour for Coconut Flour

3 packets of Stevia for 1/4 c Swerve Sweetener

I completely left out the ginger and cloves… simply because I didn’t have them on hand! I would recommend trying them!

I even topped them with some sugar free syrup.

                                    Image     Image