Hot Off the French Press

Sometimes, when people ask me what my favorite food is, I briefly forget that my liquid obsession with a hot cup of joe doesn’t count. I swear I wake up in the morning feeling excited to sip on a cup of hot coffee. This week I have been at the beach in Florida and have taken my morning coffee to the extreme. Whether it be on the porch watching the glassy morning ocean water or walking along the beach, my morning ritual has been incredible this week.

{I could probably write a complete blog, entirely focused on coffee… is that embarrassing?}

This morning, I wanted to spotlight french press coffee. Why in the world does it taste SO MUCH BETTER than regular dip-brewed coffee?!

Some say french press is much more flavorful because the coffee grounds have the chance to steep directly into the water. I might just have to agree. Delicious. {I tend to drink french press coffee black.} Even though it takes an extra couple of minutes to brew, it is 100% worth it. Try it!