Lean Green Machine

Incorporating vegetables into my daily diet is harder than it should be. I mean, do you know anyone that rolls out of bed saying, “Mmm broccoli for breakfast”? I don’t. Honestly, I’ve always just assumed vegetables were meant for dinner. Newsflash Shelby: THEY’RE NOT.

I’ve found a snack. A green snack. And no I’m not referring to all the green M&M’s from the trail mix bag.

Drumroll please…. 


These babies are rockin’. They were $5.99 from Trader Joe’s, meaning if we had a spectrum of necessary expenses, these would be in the yellow range (green being ‘Duh, get them’, red being ‘Heck no, I’m a college student’). Yellow can be our ‘I probably shouldn’t but I am anyway because I’m obsessed with food’. I tend to fall in this category far to often…  

Sorry, money tangent… buy these. They’re worth it. 1 cup is only 130 calories and 3 grams of fat! There’s even 2 grams of protein! What a nice surprise.They make an excellent salty and crunchy snack! 


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